HEIZER is actively seeking International distributors for its line of high performance water heating equipments.
HEIZER products are in the early stages of worldwide distribution and our rapidly expanding distribution network will eventually cover Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our company is poised for rapid growth and there are immediate distribution opportunities available in many countries. We invite qualified distribution partners to share in HEIZER success in these growing worldwide markets.

We place tremendous value on our relationship with all our distributors; it is the cornerstone of our success. We consider a HEIZER distributor to be our partner, customer and colleague, and as such, we will listen carefully to your needs and expectations. We will work hard to provide you with information, to help you meet your goals, and we will do everything we can to serve your needs by ensuring that communication channel is smooth, simple, and flexible. We want that you are provided with the necessary HEIZER resources to conduct your business efficiently.

HEIZER strives to be an international Company with a name that is synonymous with quality and superior Customer Service. We are sincerely committed to building a lasting relationship with each distributor to meet their needs and expectations.

If you would like to become an exclusive distributor for HEIZER products in your Country, read the following

Distributor Requirements