Our philosophy

HEIZER GAS  was born as an individual company around the middle of the 1960’s and it was one of the first Italian companies active in the construction of water heaters, both gas and electric.

HEIZER has always focused its attention on products that produce hot water in large quantities for the professional sector. The core-business of our production consists of a wide range of commercial storage water heaters, both gas or electric. Over the years, it has always expanded its range of products in accordance with the demands of the market. A complete line of glasslined and stainless steel calorifiers, and buffer tanks, have enlarged our portfolio of products.

We have recently introduced further new equipments to the market with emphasis being placed on efficiency and environmental issues: a complete range of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) and a wide selection of fully packed hot or cold water systems can be already found in our products offer.

More recently, a new line of condensing gas storage water heaters for residential and professional use, as well as a Hi-Tech, Japanese-produced instant gas water heaters for professional use have been added to our range of gas water heaters.
Attention to the needs of the market and our customer base combined with the skills of our technical department has always allowed us to offer the highest level of products and service assistance on the market.
The recent acquisition of the well known ZANI and IDROGAS brands represent a further step ahead to be recognized as a leading Company in the field of water heating products.