Each water heater is manufactured with the utmost safety in mind. Multifunctional gas valves with high limit cut-out and an exhaust fume control device (DCF) on all gas storage models prevent accidental gas and combustion fume leakage. Working and hi-limit thermostats on all electric storage models offer an accurate temperature setting and double safety against overheating. Advanced electronics on our instantaneous gas water heaters provide, besides an extremely correct temperature setting, high safety against overheating and malfunctioning. All water heaters carry the CE mark for proven safety.


HEIZER uses only the highest quality components when manufacturing its products. All materials have been sourced to provide the most reliable use, regardless of cost. All our products are tested and checked several times during production runs so that any construction faults or functional defects are eliminated.

Bespoke Design

HEIZER is able to offer, besides standard calorifiers and the buffer tank series, a “Bespoke service”, a complete range of customized products: electrical power, connections and even dimensions can be tailored to the client’s needs. Commissioning and after sales service can be provided to support the installation technicians. Factory trained engineers are able to give advice on the design or technical aspects of an installation on request.


All HEIZER units are manufactured with economy in mind. With larger storage capacities and lower kW, emphasis is given to the effect on the climate. Electronic units are fitted with digital time control. This ensures the unit only fires and burns gas when the client requires hot water.